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Due to 2003 legislation, all providers (physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies) are entitled to collect penalty payments for each HMO and PPO claim paid late to the provider. We can help you get your money! Our attorneys guide you through a legal process to collect outstanding penalty payments at no cost to you. (Contingency fee only)


The Prompt Pay Act became a law in August 2003, and it outlined penalties for insurance companies if claims were not paid on time. Specifically, hospitals and physicians should be paid for electronic claims within 30 days, and pharmacies should be paid for electronic claims within 15 days.

Once you engage the Toppins Law Firm to represent you, we will file the arbitration claim, and then agree on a settlement amount, or continue to arbitration. In all cases thus far, the insurance companies and the providers have agreed to settle on an amount to pay the provider.


  • Patient Jane Doe visits her dermatologist for an office visit.
  • Dr. Derm bills $170
  • Claim paid for $70, but paid 49 days after the electronic submission.
  • We will demand the penalty payment of $100.

Quite often, the amount claimed in penalty payments is much higher than the claim for the service provided.

No risk or expense – GO GET YOUR MONEY!!

Look at how easy it is to collect $328,000 with only a 2% late claim rate:

  • 10 providers seeing 20 patients per day
  • 2% late claims, 80 claims per month with average penalty of $50
  • $3,500 per month
  • $42,000 per year
  • $328,000 for four years

Go get your money! Let us help you!